We are the sole integrated spring manufacturer in Japan, covering every process stating form material to final product. We are the first in Japan to successfully manufacture springs in 1904, and have accumulated know-hows and experiences over a century. Our advanced technologies and strict quality control systems have created a highly efficient product that is trusted in a wide variety of fields.
We have applied our long time experience to a wide range of precision spring products, from single units to assemblies.
We respond to customer needs, actively provide technological support in design and analysis during the development phase. Our overseas locations are fully capable of accommodating local procurement needs.


Coil Springs, Leaf Springs, Stabilizer Bars, Special Springs, Coiled Wave Springs wire springs, flat springs, super alloy springs, various hinges, high-precision assemblies, insert molded parts, and dies for presses and multi-forming machines

Categories by Product

Coil Springs

We produce springs that improve ride comfort, reduce overall vehicle weight and require less mounting space.

Barrel coil spring
Lightweight spring
V-shaped spring
(load axis control spring)
  • Integrated and effective design, from material selection to shape determination.
  • Accommodating needs for lighter weight by developing new steels.
  • Decreasing strut/shock friction by developing V-shaped springs.

Heavy-Duty Coil Springs

Our heavy-duty coil springs are produced in exclusive manufacturing lines worldwide, capable of handling such parts from standard specifications to ultra-large diameter specifications. Applications include construction machinery, rail cars and industrial equipment.

  • Accommodating needs for lighter weight by developing new steels.
  • Supplied as an assembly with surrounding parts.

Leaf Springs

Our leaf springs, often used in truck and trailer suspensions, are manufactured with the latest in manufacturing technology, under strict quality control. Our long tapered leaf springs are particularly effective in decreasing weight and increasing durability.

High strength lightweight spring
Long taper spring

Small Stabilizer Bars

Stabilizer bars prevent the horizontal tilt caused by turning an automobile or by driving on uneven surfaces. This enhances steering characteristics and riding comfort.

  • Our unique hardening technology expands the application range for low-cost steels.
  • Development of thick-walled tube expands the application range for light weight requirements.
  • Mechanisms applied for preventing lateral movement after vehicle installation.
  • Assembly with stabilizer link.
Solid stabilizer bar
Tubular stabilizer bar
Stabilizer link assembly

Large Stabilizer Bars

Both solid and tubular large stabilizer bars are developed and manufactured for truck applications.

Tubular stabilizer bar
Bracket assembly
  • Supplied as an assembly with surrounding parts.

Coiled Wave Springs

Coiled wave springs are made by bending waves into flat wire materials, while forming them into a coil shape. Targeting smaller parts and space conservation, these coils are compact, bear a larger load than conventional coiled springs and have higher flexibility than disc springs.

Precision Parts

Press and Multi-forming Products

We offer high precision micro-machining using our comprehensive metallic database and years of know-how.

Wire Springs

Companies in a wide range of fields have placed many orders for our cold-formed springs for products including automobiles, household appliances and telecommunications equipment.

Insert Molded Parts

Insert molding is a process to produce composite parts combined resin with dissimilar metals by injection molding. This process can produce various items in combination with various materials which have different features.

Reinforcement frame for mobile devices
Contact brushes for digital cameras
Various terminals
Various terminals

Precision Assembly Parts

We can serve customer's high needs for information equipments, various hinges and antenna parts with our technology strength; we handle design, precision parts processing, and high precision assembly with our wide range assemble and processing technology, such as laser welding, insert molding and bonding technology for dissimilar materials.

Hinges for VTR and mobile phones
  • Electronic Dictionary
  • Digital Camera
  • PC