Coil Springs

We produce springs that improve ride comfort, reduce overall vehicle weight and require less mounting space.

For many years, our company has been providing optimal coil springs in response to the demands of various car manufacturers. In addition, we also offer custom springs tailored to customer needs. Moreover, in the context of reducing CO2 emissions through improved fuel efficiency, there is a demand for lighter vehicles. We contribute to this by reducing the weight of the springs by 20% compared to conventional ones, thereby contributing to the lightening of automobiles.


Coil Springs

From left to right: Barrel spring, double torsion spring, single torsion spring, load axis control spring.
Efficient design consistent from material selection to shape determination

Utilizing years of accumulated experience for proposals in a short period of time

Response to lightening through the development of new steel types and new construction methods

Lightweighting of sustainable manufacturing through unique material development and construction methods

Friction reduction by the development of load axis control springs

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