Stabilizer Bars

Stabilizer bars prevent the horizontal tilt caused by turning an automobile or by driving on uneven surfaces. This enhances steering characteristics and riding comfort.


Small Stabilizer Bars

Solid stabilizer bar
Tubular stabilizer bar
Stabilizer link assembly
Expansion of the application range of low-cost steel by our unique heat treatment technology
Expansion of application range of hollow specifications by the development of thick-walled pipes

Proposal of hot and cold forming suitable for required specifications

Mechanism to prevent lateral displacement after vehicle body mounting

Selection of parts according to customer's needs, centered on aluminum and adhesive bushings

Assembly supply with peripheral parts

Proposal of products assembled from our own design

Large Stabilizer Bars

Tubular stabilizer bar (Bracket assembly)

Both solid and tubular large stabilizer bars are developed and manufactured for truck applications.

Supplied as an assembly with surrounding parts.

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