Leaf Springs

Our leaf springs, often used in truck and trailer suspensions, are manufactured with the latest in manufacturing technology, under strict quality control. Our long tapered leaf springs are particularly effective in decreasing weight and increasing durability.

For many years, our company has been providing optimal leaf springs in response to requests for lightening and longevity from commercial vehicle manufacturers. As the market environment changes greatly with electrification, autonomous driving, and carbon neutrality, we will continue to contribute to our customers' further needs.


Leaf Springs

High strength lightweight spring
Long taper spring
Efficient design consistent from material selection to shape determination

Utilizing years of accumulated experience for proposals in a short period of time

Response to lightening through the development of new steel types and new construction methods

Lightweighting of sustainable manufacturing through unique material development and construction methods

Long Taper Leaf

Lightweight and long-life possible


Excellent load-bearing capacity

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