Precision Parts

In precision parts, we are mass-producing a wide range of products from precision springs to single press parts and assembled products, utilizing our consistent technology from material to assembly. We actively make technical proposals, such as design and analysis at the development stage, to meet our customers' needs. In addition, our overseas bases have a system in place for in-house production of precision springs, presses, and resin molded products.


Press snd Multi-fotming Products

Press Parts for HD

With our knowledge and know-how of material properties, we can perform high-precision processing.


It is used in parts for automobiles, electrical products, small parts such as terminals, and more.

Main Processing Materials

Spring stainless steel (SUS304CSP, SUS301CSP, etc.)
Carbon steel (SK85, S65C, etc. * Heat treatment furnace available, hardness can be adjusted)
Others (copper alloy, aluminum, cold rolled steel plate, etc.)

Possible Processes

Barrel processing, tap processing, cleaning, austempering (heat treatment)

Wire Springs


Our Wire springs have a long track record of deliveries in a wide range of fields, including automobiles, home appliances, and information and communication equipment. Various proposals are possible due to our long-standing track record.


Our Wire springs are used in mechanical elements that primarily aim to utilize energy stored by the elasticity or deformation of an object.

Main Processing Materials

Hard steel wire, piano wire, stainless steel wire, oil tempered wire
Plated wire, copper alloy wire, etc.

Resin Molding

Reinforcement frame for mobile devices

We can produce resin-molded products, including insert molding. Insert molding is a technology that manufactures composite parts by integrating different materials such as metals with resins through injection molding. Products with various functions can be manufactured by combining materials with different properties.


Reinforcement frames for mobile terminals, brush contacts for digital cameras, various contact terminals, various leaflets, etc.

Main Processing Materials


Contact brushes for digital cameras
Various terminals
Various leaf switches



We consistently carry out the design and high-precision assembly of various hinges and other assembled products to meet the high needs of our customers. We handle a wide range of assembly processing technologies, such as laser welding and insert molding.


They are used in various products from automobile parts to electronic devices.
Digital cameras, on-board monitors, audio equipment, electronic dictionaries, etc.


Mass Production and Delivery of Mechanism Parts for Drones

We are engaged in the mass production and delivery of mechanism parts for drones.
Drones are expected to be actively introduced in various industries such as agriculture, industry, medical, logistics, and infrastructure monitoring, as a product to alleviate labor shortages, and demand is expected to grow significantly.

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