Heavy-Duty Coil Springs

Our heavy-duty coil springs are produced in exclusive manufacturing lines worldwide, capable of handling such parts from standard specifications to ultra-large diameter specifications. Applications include construction machinery, rail cars and industrial equipment.They are used to absorb the impact on the tracks of bulldozers and power shovels. The quality to withstand the harsh use of construction machinery, and the facilities and technology to respond to upsizing, are one of our features.

Our heavy-duty coil springs, used for construction machinery, railway vehicles, and industrial machinery, offer optimal coil springs to our customers to meet their needs, from standard specifications to a maximum wire diameter of 100 mm. With the quality to withstand harsh environments worldwide and the technology that leverages domestic and international production lines capable of producing ultra-large diameter specifications, we are favored by manufacturers everywhere.


Heavy-Duty Coil Springs

Heavy-Duty coil spring for construction
machinery that is as long as a person's height
Efficient design consistent from material selection to shape determination

Utilizing years of accumulated experience for proposals in a short period of time

Response to lightening through the development of new construction methods

Lightweighting of sustainable manufacturing through our unique construction methods

Heavy-Duty Coil Springs for Construction Machinery

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