Research & Development Center

We carry out consistent development from materials to products, creating the future of the Mitsubishi Steel Group

・Contribute to a sustainable society through the development of environmentally friendly materials
・Create innovation through collaboration between industry, academia, and government
・Focus on basic research that serves as the foundation for improving product strength and developing new products
・Focus on developing materials that consider decarbonization and the environment

We are advancing technology development aimed at improving the product strength of our main business, research and development for the realization of a decarbonized society, as well as the development of new products for advanced materials and future themes. In addition, with industry-academia-government collaboration, we also place importance on and are engaged in basic research that leads to product strength improvement and new product development.

Overview of the Research and Development Center

As an organization independent from the business divisions, we conduct cross-sectional technology development from a medium to long-term perspective, and pursue maximum synergy between the steel, spring, and raw material businesses.
Toward the realization of a sustainable society, we promote research and development on the following three themes.

Enhancing Product Strength

Developing high-function, high-value-added products that capture the needs of our customers.

Basic Research

Accumulating foundational technologies that support high-quality products.

New Development

Developing environmentally friendly products related to carbon neutrality.

Research and Development Center

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Examples of Technology Development