Research and Development Center

As an organization independent from operating sections, Research and Development Center promote cross-sectional technological development from medium-and-long-term perspective.
In particular, as material development base of Mitsubishisteel group, the center is equipped with advanced testing and material evaluation facilities to conduct basic research, test and research, evaluation of local procured materials and other tests and researches for future growth of our group.

Research and Development Center
1-6, Yawatakaigandori, Ichihara City, Pref., Japan
TEL +81-436-42-8713
FAX +81-436-40-1259
Muroran Branch of Research and Development Center
12, Nakamachi, Muroran City, Hokkaido, Japan
TEL +81-143-41-2831
FAX +81-143-41-2869

Technological Development

The center works for material development utilizing various testing and material evaluation facilities such as Melting Furnace, Mechanical and Fatigue Characteristics, Analyzing Device, Environmental Test Facility, and Characteristic Measuring Equipment.

Scanning Electron Microscope(SEM)
Histopathological Image of a work under Martensitic Transforming, Observed Image of Crystal Orientation

Product Development

Through Application of Finite Element Method (FEM) to evaluation of developed products and product design, the center pursues shorter development period, cost reduction, and new analysis technology.

Manufacturing Technology

The center studies "Visualization" and "Connectization" of production equipment and information through utilizing IoT technologies.

The center works for research and development in process technologies such as shot peening, heat treatment, and automation by robots.

Automation Robot
Three-dimensional surface shape of a work after shot peening, SEM image