Basic Research

Examples of Basic Research Development

We are working on basic research that serves as a foundation technology supporting high-quality products.
We are also engaged in basic research that leads to product strength improvement and new development through industry-academia-government collaboration.

Material Development Simulation

We are working on material development using software for material property values and phase diagram calculations, as well as experimental databases.

Manufacturing Process Development

We are working on optimization using CAE with the aim of achieving high-quality product development and appropriate manufacturing conditions through improvement of manufacturing processes.

Evaluation and Analysis Technology

We analyze and interpret experimental data from various perspectives, leading to reliable product development.

Development Themes

Material Development SimulationPrecipitate Control
Hydrogen Embrittlement Resistance
Heat-Resistant Steel
Manufacturing Process DevelopmentAnalysis Technology (Fluid, Casting, Solidification, Structure)
Insulation Coating
Heat Treatment Technology (Structure Control)
Evaluation and Analysis TechnologyInterphase Detection
X-ray Residual Stress Measurement
Precipitate/Dislocation Analysis
Crystal Orientation Analysis