Enhancing Product Strength

Examples of Product Strength Improvement Development

We are committed to developing high-function, high-value-added products that capture the needs of our customers. We are conducting development that considers how the parts are used, from material development to manufacturing technology development.

Special Steel Bars Products

We are working on development to eliminate heat treatment processes through grain control and to improve material purity through manufacturing process improvements.

Springs Products

We are working on product development to meet the demands of suspension parts due to electrification and material development aimed at eliminating rare metals.

Formed & Fabricated Products

We are working on improving the quality of soft magnetic powders, product development to meet customer needs, and improving manufacturing technology for 3D layered modeling powders.

Development Themes

Special Steel Bars ProductsHigh Purity Steels
Non-heat treated steels
Nitriding Steels
High-temperature Carburizing Steels
Springs ProductsSpring Lightweighting (Leaf Springs, Coil Springs, Stabilizer Bars)
Hot Forming Temperature Control
Rare Metal Free Spring Steels
Formed & Fabricated ProductsAtomized Powders (3D Layered Modeling, Soft Magnetic, HIP, Thermal Spraying)
Vacuum Melting