Automotive Parts

Automotive Parts

Replacement Leaf Springs

The leaf springs widely used in truck and trailer suspensions are manufactured under the latest manufacturing technology and thorough quality control.

Tire Chains

We have a variety of sizes of chains available.

Auto Sock Fabric Chains for Trucks

As an alternative to metal chains, it serves as an emergency item in sudden snowfall or on frozen roads.

Truck door flapping helpers

The heavy tailgate equipped on the truck can be opened and closed easily and safely by one person.

Fuel Tank

We have a variety of sizes of fuel tanks for trucks.

LED Tail Lamps

We dress up the rear of the truck with highly visible LEDs.

Overspill prevention hood for the truck

It is a scattering prevention device that prevents soil or sand from spilling from the side of a dump truck bed.

Warning Triangle

It helps prevent accidents while stopped on general roads or highways.

Aluminum Loading Ramps

It is an aluminum ladder used for loading and unloading construction machinery, materials, agricultural equipment, etc. from the bed of a truck.

Event Data Recorder(EDR)

We have a variety of dash cams available.

Truck Cab Handrails

It tightens the side view of the truck and helps with safety when getting on and off the truck.