We handle various products

Automotive Parts

Replacement Leaf Springs
Tire Chains
Truck Cab Handrails
Truck door flapping helpers
Fuel Tank
LED Tail Lamps
Overspill prevention hood for the truck
Warning Triangle
Aluminum Loading Ramps
Event Data Recorder(EDR)

Construction Machinery Parts

Tire Protectors
Rubber Track Pads which does not damage pavement
Ground Engaging Tools (Mitsubishi Seiko - ESCO)
Industrial ▪ Construction Machinery Tire Chains
Grouser Bars
Operator Seat


Wear Resistant Teeth for Shellfish Harvesting

Forestry use

Wood Processor Tire Chains

A Wide Range of Services

  • Sales promotion assistance service for nearest distributers by resident sales personnel at a service center
  • Installation and instruction service for rubber pad and tire protector by sales personnel
  • Delivery service by sales personnel for urgent needs (Private Delivery)

Delivery from Neighbor

To provide best customer service, out parts sales division has 16 service centers throughout the nation ready for immediate delivery.