Environmental Philosophy

Get actively involved in protecting the environment in all aspects of business activities with a heightened awareness that conservation of the global environment is one of the most crucial challenges facing mankind.

Code of Conduct

Mitsubishi Steel Group Environmental Policy
  1. 1As an organization which contribute toward a sustainable society through manufacturing, take the environment into consideration at all stages of business activities including from product development and design to manufacturing.
  2. 2Set environmental objectives and targets based on corporate environmental policy and conduct periodic review.
  3. 3Engage in environmental conservation activities, such as prevention of pollution, use of sustainable resources, climate change mitigation, throughout all areas of business activities.
  4. 4Comply with environmental laws and regulations as well as other requirements which we consent.
  5. 5Pursue continuous improvement in environmental management system through implementation of PDCA cycle, for the better performance in environmental activity.
  6. 6Inform environmental policy to every member of our group through education and intra-group publication, and disclose the policy to stakeholders.