Spring Steels

We are the only spring manufacturer in Japan that handles everything from raw materials to products, and we offer a wide range of products, including coil springs, leaf springs, and stabilizer materials.

Main Manufactured Steel Types

SteelChemical Composition
SUP90.52~0.600.15~0.350.65~0.950.030 Below0.030 Below0.30 Below0.65~0.95---
SUP9A0.56~0.640.15~0.350.70~1.000.030 Below0.030 Below0.30 Below0.70~1.00---
SUP100.47~0.550.15~0.350.65~0.950.030 Below0.030 Below0.30 Below0.80~1.10-0.15~0.25-
SUP11A0.56~0.640.15~0.350.70~1.000.030 Below0.030 Below0.30 Below0.70~1.00--0.0005~0.0050
SUP120.51~0.591.20~1.600.60~0.900.030 Below0.030 Below0.30 Below0.60~0.90---


Coil Springs, Heavy-Duty Coil Springs, Leaf Springs, Stabilizer Bars

Coil Springs
Heavy-Duty Coil Springs
Leaf Springs
Stabilizer Bars

Contact for Special Steel Products

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