Main Manufactured Steel Types

ClassificationCorresponding StandardsSteel
Rolled Steel for General StructuresJIS G3101SS400・SS490
Boron Steel-SMNB435H・SMNB440H
Alloy Steel Bolt Material for High Temperature Use-SNB7・SNB16

1)Nitriding Steels


Nitriding treatment results in high hardness and excellent fatigue strength, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance. The nitriding steel we manufacture offers a selection of steels that can handle light to heavy loads according to the required strength level.


Gears and shafts of construction machinery, wear-resistant parts

Main Nitriding Steels

SteelComposition SystemFeatures
SCR430VS1Cr-VNitriding characteristics are secured by the addition of Cr and V, and can be used as an alternative to SCM435H and SCM440H.
MAC24Cr-MoThe nitride layer is tough and suitable for parts requiring high surface pressure. It can be used as an alternative to JIS nitriding steel (SACM645).


2)Free-cutting Steel (SC series lead-free free-cutting steel: MNP2)


Our free-cutting steel is a lead-free free-cutting steel that ensures machinability by finely dispersing sulfur (S), a free-cutting element. While it has the same chip-crushing properties as leaded free-cutting steel (S1-L2), it is a superior material in terms of tool wear and bending fatigue characteristics.


Gears and shafts, parts that used to use leaded free-cutting steel


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