Mitsubishi Nagasaki Machinery Mfg.Co., Ltd., a group company of Mitsubishisteel Group, is highly valued by customers for manufacturing high quality products through advanced technology, which is the sophisticated integration of engineering and manufacturing. Utilizing consistent system, the company supplies high-end products ranging from large-sized products to precision apparatus, such as forging machinery, environmental plant, general industrial machinery, and steel fabrication.
The company also delivers products not only to domestic but all over the world including the United States, southeast Asia, middle east, and Europe.

Business Outlines

Forging Press・Forging Manipulator, Ring Rolling Mills, Cold Forging Press, METHASAURUS(Zero-emission sewage sludge reduction, fuel-and fertilizer conversion plant), Magnetic Separator, Link Conveyor, Bucket, Vibration Isolator, Scaling System, Other Industrial Machinery, Outer Casing for Gas Turbine, Pressure Vessels, Steel Working


Forging Machinery

Forging Press・Forging Manipulator

Mitsubishi Nagasaki Machinery Mfg.Co.,Ltd. developed the business, which is started as Mitsubishisteel Mfg. Co., Ltd., the former company, and designs and manufactures cutting-edge pressing machinery such free forging press machine with leading global shares and ring rolling mill.
The company's forging press machinery is applied to manufacturing large-sized products such as turbine rotor for power plant and rolling roll for rolling equipment. The company has rich experience in manufacturing one of the largest sizes of machinery in the world. It also developed a newly designed manipulator with high accuracy and functions.

Forging Press・Forging Manipulator
[High precision & High performance Type]
Forging Manipulator
Ring Rolling Mills

Environmental Equipment

METHASAURUS(Zero-emission sewage sludge reduction, fuel-and fertilizer conversion plant)

Mitsubishi Nagasaki Machinery Mfg.Co.,Ltd. is engaging in environmental plant business, utilizing METHASAURUS, a sewage sludge processing plant. METHASAURUS is innovative plant which realizes Zero-emission in sewage process. It reduces Sewage sludge into one fifth through a new technology, hydrothermal reactor principle. It also covers entire heat energy required by utilizing methane gas, which is by-product of the plant. Furthermore, the dewatered residue after reduction can be used as fuel for steam power plant and agricultural fertilizer.

Hydrothermal Reactor Principle

General Machinery

Magnetic Separator

Mitsubishi Nagasaki Machinery Mfg.Co.,Ltd. manufactures and delivers a wide range of general industrial machineries in response to trends of automation, labor saving, recycling, environmental improvement, and safety improvement, which takes place in various industrial fields. These machineries include; Magnetic Separator, which retrieves iron and non-ferrous materials from bulk, automobiles, home electronic appliances and waste materials; Link Conveyer, which safely retrieves sawdust and other wastes from machinery and equipment at a factory in a tightly closed state; Hard Soil Grab Bucket, which is mainly used to dredging operations in port and harbor construction; Anti-vibration System for Hammer, which greatly reduces mechanical vibration; and Travel Motion Truck Scale.

Aluminum Separator
Drum type Magnetic Separator
Link Conveyor
Hard Soil Grab Bucket
Anti-vibration System for Hammer
Travel Motion Truck Scale
Industrial Machinery (Ladle transfer)

Steel Fabrication

Outer Casing for Gas Turbine

Mitsubishi Nagasaki Machinery Mfg.Co.,Ltd. holds technology and production equipment, which allow to manufacture 500T class super-sized products requiring weld, assembly, heat treatment, and machining process consistently, to respond to user's need becoming more diverse and sophisticated.
In particular the cylinder for highly efficient gas turbine, which is one of the main products of the company and manufactured out of the special steel (maximum thickness 200mm) with high technology, is received high evaluation along with the supplier award from customer.
The company also holds expertise in manufacturing Polymerization Reactor, Complex-shaped Ladder, and other products made of special steel such as alloy steel, Clad Steel, and other steels. Those products are delivered to both domestic and overseas customers.

Outer Casing for Gas Turbine
Polymerization Reactor
Exhaust Diffuser Duct