Mitsubishi Steel earns Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan DX Certification



On August 1, 2023, Mitsubishi Steel was certified as DX Certification by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. The DX Certification program was established by the Japanese government to certify enterprises as DX-Ready—that is, for the digital transformation (DX) of their businesses in compliance with the Digital Governance Code, which presents management requirements to adapting to social reforms driven by digital technologies.

The Mitsubishi Steel 2023 Mid-term Business Plan identifies the following as four basic policies: (1) Enhancing our earnings capabilities, (2) Growing strategic businesses, (3) Investment in human resources, and (4) Sustainability management. Digital technologies are essential to executing plans based on these four policies. Mitsubishi Steel will draw on DX to provide services to customers that deliver new value by making existing products more competitive and by creating value above and beyond business improvements through Groupwide efforts involving management, work site, and systems.

See here for more information on Mitsubishi Steel's DX promotion initiatives.

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