JATIM acquires Indonesian National Standard (SNI) carbon steel standard certification



PT. JATIM TAMAN STEEL MFG (“JATIM”), an Indonesian subsidiary, has acquired Indonesian National Standard certification (“SNI”), a national standard established by the National Standardization Agency of Indonesia.

SNI certification has been established and implemented across a wide range of fields, including food, construction, safety and hygiene, and materials technologies. The standards for carbon steel for machinery structural use, the subject of this SNI certification, were established in August 2021 following JATIM’s start of mass production in Indonesia.

The standard certification process for operation began in 2022, and JATIM underwent certification auditing in late June and was certified on September 26. JATIM is the first company to be certified to meet this carbon steel standard.

We will continue to actively respond to demand for special steel in Indonesia and other ASEAN regions.


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