MSR acquires TPG Certification as Supplier of Steel Products for Offshore Wind Power Generation Facilities



Mitsubishi Steel Muroran Inc. (“MSR”), a subsidiary, recently acquired Transportation & Power Generation (“TPG”) certification (*) as a supplier of steel materials for offshore wind power generation facility components. The subject of this certification was tower flange bolts for offshore wind turbines, for which we received certification in the field of steel manufacturing, in response to a request to obtain certification from certain customers. As a result, MSR is now the world’s third company to acquire certification in this field, and the second in Japan.

The company serves as the Group’s domestic special steel manufacturing base. We have been working to improve production and quality to meet the various needs of our customers. Contributing to our successful efforts to acquire certification was the recognition that the Company’s manufacturing techniques and qualities met TPG requirements. This certification enables use of the company’s special steel products as materials in cases in which TPG certification is required for components used in offshore wind power generation facilities.

Mitsubishi Nagasaki Machinery Co., Ltd., another subsidiary, also handles products such as components for offshore wind turbines and related equipment for offshore wind turbine installation work vessels (SEP vessels).

We have positioned the offshore wind power business as a key growth area. This is reflected in our participation in the Muroran Decarbonized Society Creation Council and MOPA (Muroran Offshore Wind Industry Promotion Association) in Muroran City, the location of our MSR plant. We plan to continue pursuing initiatives to help establish a decarbonized society.

  • *TPG Certification: US certification system certifying that the manufacture of transportation and power generation products meets TPG requirements in each of the seven areas of certification, including steel production, casting, and surface treatment.

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