Trial Manufacturing Lines of Precision Castings and Machined Metal Parts were Newly Installed in Chiba Works



As the mother plant (*) of MSM (THAILAND) CO., LTD. the overseas base of the Formed & Fabricated Products Business, the precision castings trial manufacturing line was installed in April 2020, and the machined metal parts trial manufacturing line was installed in November 2020, in Chiba Works (Ichihara City, Chiba Prefecture) and started operation.

On the trial manufacturing lines, we support MSM (THAILAND) CO., LTD. as the mother plant, by promoting “Enhancement of Manufacturing Power” and “Improvement of Product Development Capabilities” of heat resistant and corrosion resistant steel and machined metal parts products such as turbine wheels. Moreover, we promote “Construction of Consistent Models of the Formed & Fabricated Products” from material development whose qualities required by customers to mass production.

  • *The model factory which aims to expand the technical knowledge which was gained through VIM (vacuum induction melting) furnace and various testing and trial manufacturing lines in Chiba factory, to mainly overseas factories.
Precision Castings
Turbine Wheel for Turbocharger parts
Machined Metal Parts
Fuel injection system
Precision Castings Trial Manufacturing Line
Machined Metal Parts Trial Manufacturing Line

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