Trial Manufacturing Line of Water Atomizing for fine metal powder manufacturing was newly installed in Hirota Works



In October 2020, we newly installed a trial manufacturing line of water atomizing for fine metal powder and started its operation in Hirota Works (Aizu-Wakamatsu city, Fukushima prefecture), a domestic base of Formed & Fabricated Products Business.

In this trial manufacturing line, we conduct tests for the purpose of improvement of qualities and technologies of soft magnetic metal powder which is used for fine metal powder for MIM (metal injection molding) and inductors.

In the future, we will accumulate know-how on manufacturing the fine metal powder by water atomization method, try to improve quality characteristics and meet the needs of novel material development.

Water Atomizing Trial Manufacturing Line
ne Metal Powder Manufactured in Trial Manufacturing Line (SUS630)
SEM Image (×2000)

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