Acquisition of ISO14001:2015 by our Indonesian Subsidiary



PT. JATIM TAMAN STEEL MFG. (“JATIM”), our local subsidiary in Indonesia, acquired “ISO14001: 2015”, an international standard of environment management system, on January 2019.

JATIM has already accomplished the transition to ISO9001: 2015, quality management system.

Furthermore, together with the JIS certification newly acquired last year, we will keep working on further improvement of reliability from our customers continuously.

Date of Certification

anuary 22, 2019

Certified Standard

ISO14001: 2015

Certification Number

EMS 703562

Scope of the Certificate

Manufacturing Billet for special steel of PT. JATIM TAMAN STEEL MFG., round bar, flat bar

Certification Body

BSI Management Systems

Attestation Certificate

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