Opened a Research & Development Center



A Research and Development Center has been established in Chiba Works since April 2016 to further accelerate research and development activities. As an independent organization from business divisions, the Research and Development Center conducts technical development with a long-term point of view aiming to pursue maximum synergy effect among the business divisions. Engineers, who support the fundamental technologies for the businesses such as special steel bars, springs and formed and fabricated products etc. in Mitsubishi Steel, collaborate with one another on technical development to strike a good balance between achieving corporate strategy by technical development and conducting fundamental research, which will be the 'seed' of future business expansion. In particular, as the material development center of Mitsubishi Steel Group, equipped with advanced test equipment and material evaluation equipment, the Research and Development Center plays the role as the central executive organization for conducting research and development.

In addition, the Research and Development Center also corresponds to the transmission of information for research and development of Mitsubishi Steel Group and business-academia cooperation.

Research and Development Center

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Research & Development Center