Hydrothermal Treatment Plant "Methasaurus" starts trial run!



In January 2013, the Hydrothermal Treatment Plant "Methasaurus", developed by our group company - Mitsubishi Nagasaki Machinery Mfg. Co. Ltd. was fully installed in the Nagasaki City's East Sewage Treatment Plant and made trial runs. "Methasaurus" has the capability of treating all the disposed sewage (approximately 10,000 m3/day) flowed from the Nagasaki Eastern Sewage Treatment Plant.

The company, Nagasaki Prefecture, Nagasaki City and Nagasaki Institute of Applied Science- an industry-academia-government project team applied the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism's "Innovative Sewage Technology Demonstration Project" (B-DASH Project*) in April 2012, and "Zero emission of greenhouse gas, next generation sewage sludge to solid fuel conversion technology" of "Methasaurus" was highly valued and selected for a demonstration project.

"Methasaurus" has the capability of reducing sludge weight up to 1/5 through dehydration. And the weight-reduced dehydrated sludge can be used as fuel for thermal power stations or as organic fertilizers because of containing rich phosphorus. All thermal energy used will be covered by biogas generated from treatment which makes it possible to achieve zero emission of greenhouse gas without discharging CO2.

Full operation will start after completion ceremony in this spring.

*B-DASH: Breakthrough Dynamic Approach by Sewage High Technology

Panoramic view of Methasaurus

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