Dividend and Share Buyback

Dividend Policy

We consider returning profits to our shareholders as one of the most important challenges. We determine dividends comprehensively, taking into account performance, financial and fiscal conditions.
Specifically, during the "2023 Mid-term Business Plan" period (fiscal years 2023 to 2025), we have set a target dividend payout ratio of 30%. Additionally, with the aim of maintaining stable dividends for our shareholders, we have set the minimum annual dividend per share at 60 yen for the same period.

Dividends per share

 InterimYear-endFull-yearDividend payout ratio
FY202325.0035.00 (forecast)60.00 (forecast)-

Dividend payment

 Interim of the FY2023Year-end of the FY 2023
Record date for distribution of dividendSeptember 30, 2023March 31, 2024
Date of paymentDecember 8, 2023June 24, 2024(Scheduled)

Shareholder special benefits

We currently have no shareholder special benefit plan.