With Our Customers

The Sales, Manufacturing, and Quality Assurance Sections work together to contribute to the growth of society by continuing to offer products that satisfy our customers and earn their trust.

Improving Customer Satisfaction

In order to ensure that the Group's products satisfy our customers and earn their trust, the Sales, Manufacturing, and Quality Assurance Sections work together to improve quality. When there are customer complaints , the head of operations and other responsible parties at the manufacturing plant hold complaint resolution meetings. During quality meetings, they investigate the causes of the complaints and ensure that the necessary measures are thoroughly implemented on a continuing basis. As a result, the Quality Complaint Index for fiscal 2015 showed a 9% decrease from the previous fiscal year.

Status of ISO and Other Quality Certifications


Facilities in Japan

Name of facility Date certification acquired
Chiba Works December 2003
Hirota Works October 2008

Domestic subsidiaries

Name of company Date certification acquired
Mitsubishi Nagasaki Machinery March 1995
Mitsubishi steel Muroran Inc. March 2015

Overseas subsidiaries

Name of company Date certification acquired
MSM CEBU, INC. March 1998
MSM (THAILAND) CO., LTD. March 1999


Overseas subsidiaries

Name of company Date certification acquired
MSSC US INC. September 2004
MSM (THAILAND) CO., LTD. February 2007
MSM Ningbo Spring CO., LTD. October 2009

Handling Harmful Chemical Substances

Standards for management of harmful chemical substances are being instituted worldwide, and there are increasing demands for products that do not contain these substances. The Group has set up systems for managing any harmful chemical substances our products in response to customer demands that we meet the European RoHS Directive and the REACH Regulations. We also issue documents concerning substances of environmental concern, guaranteeing that we avoid deliberately using them as additives.

Harmful Chemical Substances Related to Quality Assurance

  • Lead and lead compounds
  • Cadmium and cadmium compounds
  • Mercury and mercury compounds
  • Hexavalent chromium
  • Polybrominated biphenyl (PBBs)
  • Polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDE)
  • etc.

Evaluations from Customers

We have received the following commendations from our customers:

Customer Nature of award Mitsubishi Group
GAC Toyota Motor CO., LTD. Quality Cooperation Award MSM Ningbo Spring CO., LTD.
Tianjin FAW Toyota Motor CO., LTD. Quality Achievement Award MSM Ningbo Spring CO., LTD.
Sichuan FAW Toyota CO., LTD.
(Changchun Fengyue Company)
Quality Achievement Award MSM Ningbo Spring CO., LTD.
General Motors Company GM Supplier Quality
Excellence Award (GM Quality)
General Motors Company *GM Service On-Time Delivery MSSC CANADA INC.
  • *GM Customer Care and Aftersales, Certificate of Excellence Gold Supplier Status

With Our Business Partners

In order to provide products and services that satisfy our clients' needs, as outlined in the Mitsubishi Steel Group Code of Conduct, we conduct honest and fair business, and work together with our business partners ensure that our procurement activities are in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations and are conducted with concern for protecting the environment, ensuring safety, and guaranteeing human rights.

The Mitsubishi Steel Group's Guidelines for Purchasing Materials

  • At Mitsubishi Steel, we conduct internal audits to confirm that no compliance violations occur in our procurement transactions and that we are abiding by all provisions of laws related to the Subcontract Act and other relevant regulations. In addition, we conduct periodic training sessions for relevant persons within the company, based on the Manual for the Subcontract Act, in order to provide the responsible parties and anyone else connected with these matters a more thorough understanding of the laws.

[Training Sessions in fiscal 2015]

Cantent of the session Number of training sites
Internal auditing of Purchasing Departments 3
Internal education about Purchasing 4
  • In all our dealings with business partners, we offer opportunities for honest and fair business, and we strive to build solid partnerships with all our business partners and maintain and improve these relationships based on trust.
  • When selecting business partners and materials to purchase, we encourage consideration for reducing the environmental burden in our procurement activities.
  • We encourage consideration for basic human rights and workers' health and safety in our procurement activities.
    <Avoidance of Conflict Minerals>
  • In the interest of protecting human rights, we purchase raw materials only with the assurance that they are conflict-free. We also respond to customers' investigations of our supply chain as needed.
  • We explain our guidelines for materials to our business partners and ask them to understand and cooperate with us in promoting socially responsible procurement.

Working with Our Business Partners

We explain the basic concepts of our materials purchasing guidelines to our principal business partners, and urge them to cooperate in observing all laws and regulations and show concern for the global environment. At all of our sites, we work with our business partners to resolve problems related to human rights, the work environment, or environmental protection. All Purchasing Sections at each worksite or Group company undergo internal audits of compliance and receive continuous training on the laws concerning subcontractors.

With Our Employees (Safety and Health)

Based on its concept of "Safety always comes first, " the Group promotes the creation of a comfortable workplace environment that allows employees to work in safety and health.

Safety and Health Initiatives

Safety and Health Committee meeting at the Hirota Works

In each location, a Safety and Health Committee consisting of members from the company and the labor union has been established. As well as sharing information related to safety and health, the Committee works to prevent work-related accidents and to maintain, manage, and promote employee health.
When an accident occurs, not only is the cause analyzed, but countermeasures are also put in place, and this information is shared with other locations.

Safety Initiatives

With the aim of eradicating workdays lost to accidents, safety and health patrols by senior management were implemented at each work location and subsidiary. All sites were inspected and in places where accidents had occurred, the causes of the accident and countermeasures to improve the situation were confirmed.

Senior management safety and health patrol (Chiba Works)

Safety Activities in Each Location

By conducting repeated inspections of the workplace, we expose unseen dangers and, on such occasions, implement necessary countermeasures.

Improving safety awareness by conducting hazard prediction training (Chiba Works)

Forklift Skills Contest held

Forklift Skills Contests were conducted at each location. Loads were transported on a predetermined course, with the aim of enhancing the safety, accuracy, and efficiency of transport operations.

Hirota Works

Implementing fire and disaster prevention training

Regular fire and disaster prevention training is conducted at all locations. We work to improve our capabilities with the help of reviews conducted by the local fire department.
At the head office we conduct courses in basic first aid as part of our fire and disaster prevention training. To learn more about emergency response, personnel from the fire department with jurisdiction for the area are invited as instructors in such areas as practical training in CPR and in the use of AED equipment.
At the Chiba Works, evacuation and fire prevention drills were conducted based on the assumption that an earthquake of magnitude 6 had occurred with an epicenter off the east coast of Chiba. As the Works is on the coast, personnel practiced secondary evacuation to the second floor of buildings on the assumption that a tsunami had occurred, in addition to training in rescue, transport and application of first-aid for the wounded, and the use of indoor fire hydrants in water-discharge training.

Basic first-aid course (head office)
In-house fire brigade performing fire-fighting drills (Chiba Works)

Safety and health initiatives in overseas production sites

The Group has production sites in North American and Asian regions, and is working on safety and health activities through establishment of basic policies for safety and health at each location. We are working to reduce the recurrence of accidents that have occurred at locations within the Group and at other companies and are sharing information with production sites in Japan and overseas.

Health Management

As well as providing guidance from doctors specializing in occupational health and public health nurses for employees who are deemed to require medical treatment or detailed testing based on regular health checkups or physical examinations, we actively work on in-house recreation and club activities, while striving to promote employee health and communication within the company.

Mental health education

We provide training related to mental health for instructors, and carry out education on mental health at each site. Through provision of education via in-house instructors, we enable guidance that suits the specifics of each location.

Launch of "Mitsubishi Steel Health Support "

By outsourcing operations to an external company, we have established an external point of contact through which employees concerned about their physical or mental health can consult doctors, nurses, and industrial counselors. These services can be used for free all year round by telephone or online in order to obtain advice on various problems that may occur in professional life. It is also possible to obtain face-to-face counselling. Because privacy is strictly protected, these services can be used with confidence.

"Mitsubishi Steel Health Support "system

With Our Employees
(Human Rights and Employment)

As well as respecting human rights, the Group makes every effort to maintain a workplace environment in which it is easy to work and where personal and professional lifestyles are in balance.

Respect for Human Rights

The Group has established respect for the rights, character, individuality, and diversity of our employees and does not commit acts of discrimination according to the Mitsubishi Steel Group Code of Conduct. The Company works to raise awareness of human rights by participating in the Mitsubishi Human Rights Enlightenment Council in order to attend presentations and to exchange opinions with others involved in considering human rights issues at other companies in the Mitsubishi Group. In addition, we have established an advice hotline for employees to counter harassment, devised preventive measures to guard against infringement of human rights, and implemented training for counselors to enable them to respond promptly and appropriately to human rights issues.

Leveraging Diverse Human Resources

Promoting female advancement

Promoting the advancement of female employees is one of management's designated strategies. We are enriching our systems related to childcare and the number of employees returning to continue work after taking childcare leave is rising. We are also widening the scope of our activities, such as educating new graduates in the foundations of manufacturing by having them receive training at the various factories, and by assigning employees to overseas locations in order to nurture human resources capable of participating at a global level. Our goals for promoting female advancement up to 2020 include "Female employee ratio of 15% " and "Five female managers. " In order to form a base for these efforts we are expanding our hiring of female employees and moving to install welfare facilities for women at company sites.

  • Training with external instructors
    With the aim of raising career awareness among female employees and facilitating communication between managers and their female subordinates, we have invited external instructors to conduct diversity training.
  • Improving the work environment
    The Company is moving ahead with initiatives to install female showers, refurbish toilets and s o on, in order to make the work environment more pleasant for female employees.

Employees with disabilities

We consider the employment of persons with disabilities to be part of a company's social responsibility and we are working toward its implementation. While establishing an environment that enables each individual to realize their full potential, we also aim to achieve the 2% or higher legally mandated employment rate for persons with disabilities in the future.

Re-employment of elderly staff

To leverage and pass on the skills and knowledge of employees after retirement age, we are re-hiring those who express interest and providing a space for them to continue contributing.

Diversity training

Work-Life Balance

As part of our efforts to support childcare for employees who are raising children, we provide support exceeding that mandated by law and, in consideration of the ageing of society, we are also working to bolster our systems for supporting those providing nursing care for others. We promote the maintenance of a workplace environment that balances work and home life.

Childcare leave regulations  
Period of leave Can be deferred until the child is a maximum of 18 months old
When childcare leave is not requested Until the child is 3 years old, measures allowing exemption from overtime work on request
Leave for nursing children Until the child reaches the 3rd year of elementary school, up to 5 days annually in the case of 1 child, or up to 10 days in the case of two children
Reduction in normal working hours Until the child is 3 years old, a reduction in normal working hours of 6 hours a day (hours to be adjusted on a case-by-case basis)
Exemption from overtime work Until the child is 3 years old, the employee is exempted from overtime work
Restrictions on overtime work Until the child attends elementary school, limited to 24 hours a month, 150 hours a year
Restrictions on working late at night for childcare reasons Until the child attends elementary school, standing exemption from working late at night on request
Nursing care leave regulations  
Period of leave For each applicable family member, a maximum of 1 year
When nursing care leave is not requested Exemption from overtime work on request
Nursing care leave Up to 5 days annually in the case of 1 applicable family member, or up to 10 days in the case of two or more family members
Shortened working hours for nursing care reasons Up to 1 year
Restrictions on overtime work for nursing care reasons Up to 24 hours a month, 150 hours a year
Restrictions on working late at night for nursing care reasons Standing exemption from working late at night on request

With Our Employees
(Developing Human Resources)

The Group makes every effort to maintain a workplace environment that balances personal and professional lifestyles. We also offer a variety of training, matched to job type and career, to allow employees to realize their full potential.

Developing Human Resources

Initiatives for developing new graduates

In terms of initiatives to develop new-graduate human resources, in addition to orientation that focuses mainly on the basics of new-graduate life, we operate a 3-month development program of practical training at the factories. After being assigned, as part of the mentoring system, for each new hire an older employee is appointed who is in charge of their education, offers advice, and helps with their development.

From assignment in August to the third year after entering the company, the mentoring system is used to carry out one-to-one education and guidance by means of a senior, but still young, employee, The objective is to develop the new graduate from an early stage and to dispel any concern towards work.

New-graduate training

Rank-specific training

In order for each individual employee to master the skills they need to perform their roles, we implement rank-specific training.

Rank-specific training (manager training)

Incentive system for acquiring public qualifications

In order to help raise motivation to obtain public qualifications and in personal development, we have set up an incentive system for acquiring public qualifications. When an employee acquires a public qualification, they are eligible for a reward, the amount of which depends on the qualification type. Such qualifications cover a wide range, from bookkeeping and industrial counseling, to electrician, crane operators, and so on.

Introduction of e-learning

We have introduced e-learning as a personal development training tool. This can be used with a smartphone and users can study freely without restrictions on time and place. Users can choose a course from a broad curriculum, ranging from language study and management-related issues such as mental health, to knowledge related to technology and skills and administrative PC work. As a continuous initiative to encourage self-improvement, the office publishes materials related to e-learning on a regular basis to promote usage.

Developing global human resources

[Overseas training system]

Training at an overseas location

In order to maximize human resources who are capable of working overseas, we introduced an overseas training system in 2008, to which we send not only those from sections that deal directly with overseas operations but also those from administrative sections. The 2-year postings allow employees to improve their linguistic skills while receiving practical training in the business, deepen their understanding of the uniqueness of the country's systems and culture, and develop the flexibility to respect different values. In the future we expect them to play active roles either while again posted overseas or in Japan, as employees who can drive our overseas-related operations.

[Cebu English Study Abroad System]

One-to-one lessons

As a means of rapidly training employees with a strong need for English, we have implemented the Cebu English Study Abroad System. Students spend three months on the island of Cebu, in the Philippines, taking a short-term course at a local university to improve their English, and practicing for up to nine hours a day, including four hours of one-to-one lessons.

Training before overseas posting

For those employees who are scheduled to be posted overseas, we are working to expand and ingrain the instruction given before departure. For a short while before beginning the posting, participants study the culture and social background of their country of posting in order to deepen their ability to understand local staff, as well as undergoing training in overseas crisis management. We also introduce accompanying family members to organizations who can counsel them with regard to life overseas and their children's education. By preparing them fully, we establish an environment in which they can actively participate in their overseas lives.

With Local Communities

As a member of the local community, our goal is to actively communicate in order to live in harmony with society, while becoming involved in a variety of social and local contribution activities.

Volunteer Activities

Support activities in disaster areas

The three-wheeler with product platform in the relief supplies
  • Support for disaster areas hit by floods in India

At MSM SPRING INDIA PVT. LTD. (India), three people, including the president of the local subsidiary, took part in distribution of relief supplies through "World Vision, " an organization whose social contribution activities the Company has previously supported. Supplies were distributed to 19 low income households in the areas that suffered great damage from the floods of December 2015. The supplies included wheeled street stall carts, coal irons, a three-wheeler equipped with a product platform, an entire set of products to open a shop, cooking pots for each household, plastic buckets and plastic chairs. We will continue to conduct local social contribution activities going forward.

  • Support for the Kumamoto earthquake disaster area

In terms of support for the Kumamoto region hit by earthquakes in April 2016, Mitsubishi Nagasaki Machinery Mfg. Co., Ltd. provided supplies such as foodstuffs, water, and portable toilets, while Mitsubishi Steel Mfg. Co., Ltd., Mitsubishi Steel Muroran Inc. and Mitsubishi Nagasaki Machinery Mfg. Co., Ltd. together contributed a total donation of 1.5 million yen. In addition, employees of the Company carried out volunteer work such as disposing of roof tiles shaken loose by the earthquake and dismantling and removing concrete block walls.

Picture book donation program

Attaching translation stickers to picture books

In fiscal 2013, we endorsed and began our involvement in the "Picture book donation program " operated by the Shanti Volunteer Association (SVA), which provides educational support to children in Asia. In order to support children for whom it is difficult, both economically and socially, to provide education due to poverty or conflict, translation stickers are attached to Japanese picture books and delivered to countries with inadequate library systems. In fiscal 2015, we attached three types of translation stickers to picture books for delivery to children, namely in the Lao (Laos), Burmese (Myanmar), and Dari (Afghanistan) languages. We have continued these activities in fiscal 2016.

Exchanges with Local People

Yawata Seaside Festival (Chiba Works)
  • Yawata Seaside Festival

The Chiba Works participates in the planning of the Yawata Seaside Festival, which is held by a combination of organizations such as the local town assembly and the neighborhood store association working together with local companies belonging to the Yawata Seaside Town Assembly Federation. By assisting in the planning of the festival and running stalls, we work to facilitate communication with the local community.

Bon Odori gathering (Hirota Works)
  • Hirota Works Bon Odori gathering

Every August, the Hirota Works holds a Bon Odori gathering. This is attended not only by the employees of the Hirota Works and of partner companies, but also by local residents, making for a lively evening.

  • Factory tours for local residents

The Hirota Works invited residents from the surrounding autonomous district and conducted a factory tour. This factory tour was performed at the request of the district councilors at the annual environmental explanatory meeting.

  • Muroran Family Festival

Mitsubishi Steel Muroran Inc. participates in the "Muroran Family Festival " planned and managed primarily by the companies located within the grounds of Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation's Muroran Works, through which employees and their families help deepen local friendships by taking part in team sports competitions and the like.

  • Mitsubishi Steel Nagasaki Steel Works atomic bomb victims memorial service

The former Nagasaki Steel Works of Mitsubishi Steel Mfg. Co., Ltd. was located in Nagasaki City, Nagasaki Prefecture.
Every year on August 9, a memorial service is held for the more than 1,400 former colleagues who died at work after the atomic bombing. In addition, with the approach of the 70th anniversary of the bombing, as well as to pray for peace for the souls of the many victims of the explosion, we have set up an explanatory plaque to pass on the history of how the Nagasaki Steel Works overcame hardships in this region in order to rebuild itself.