Corporate Philosophy

  1. 1.Customer First
    We are committed to supplying our customers with products of superior quality and features in response to their needs while continuing to strive for more competitive costs and improved customer services.
  2. 2.Development of New Technology
    We focus on manufacturing excellence with a competitive edge in the global market while pursuing more advanced technology.
  3. 3.Maximizing Human Capital
    We are committed to creating a pleasant and vigorous work environment, embracing a diverse workforce with various talents to achieve their full potential.
  4. 4.Challenge for the Future
    We welcome any challenge with passion and creativity to respond confidently to ever-changing world markets.
  5. 5.Contribution to Society
    Our management that is based on compliance contributes on progress of society through the business activities with environmental consideration.

Mitsubishi Steel Group Code of Conduct

The purpose of the "Mitsubishi Steel Group Code of Conduct " is to ensure that the company is in line with expectations of society while retaining its flexibility to accommodate demands from a rapidly changing business environment to pursue sustainable global endeavors. All executives and employees of the group's companies share the responsibility to abide by the Code of Conduct.

Business Activities
  1. 1.Supply high quality and functional products along with excellent services consistently to satisfy customer needs to play a part in the progress of society.
  2. 2.Focus on developing unique and advanced technology by mobilizing various areas of expertise developed within the organization to strive for profit and improved corporate value through efficient operation.
  3. 3.Cultivate a corporate culture that encourages people to take on a challenge without fear of failure for continuous growth.
  4. 4.Dedicate ourselves to improvement of society through business conduct, tapping into the opinions of all stakeholders.
  1. 5.Comply with the laws and regulations or code of ethics in society for transparent, fair, and equitable transactions under free competition.
  2. 6.Never be involved with destructive forces that pose a threat to peace and safety of civic society.
  1. 7.Disclose corporate information in a timely and appropriate manner to ensure transparency while protecting privileged information pertaining to employees and customers.
Respect for employees
  1. 8.Respect human rights, character, and the individuality of employees along with diversity in the workforce, and never discriminate on the basis of difference in characteristics.
  2. 9.Galvanize the company by fostering human resources as well as ensuring a safe and pleasant work environment.
Environmental conservation
  1. 10.Get actively involved in protecting the environment in all aspects of business activities with a heightened awareness that conservation of the global environment is one of the most crucial challenges facing mankind.
  1. 11.Respect local culture and customs as well as comply with all international rules and local laws and regulations when conducting global business.