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Leveraging our people and technologies to continue to succeed in a time of change

The Mitsubishi Steel Manufacturing Group has evolved over the years as an integrated materials/product manufacturer with core competencies in the production and processing of special steels.
Our history began in 1904, when Tokyo Spring Works, our predecessor, launched the production of small springs for spinning machines. Spring materials in those days were largely imported from Europe and the United States, with token volumes produced domestically. The materials became difficult to procure from the start of the First World War, so, to continue producing springs, Tokyo Spring Works began producing special steel on its own.
Our company thus acted as a true "startup," long before the term was introduced, to produce the materials needed to make springs. Ever since, it's been part our corporate DNA to manufacture everything we need in-house, ranging from materials to finished goods, and to meet the associated challenges as they arise.

We are currently moving forward with various measures under the 2023 Mid-term Business Plan, which covers the three-year FY2023-2025 period. Under the slogan "Leveraging our people and technologies to continue to succeed in a time of change," this plan incorporates the goals we believe we should achieve over the current three years, projecting backwards from our ideal vision for 2030. The business environment in which we operate continues to change at an incredible pace. Examples include growing awareness of ESG, the "E" referring to environment, "S" for society, and "G" for governance, the accelerating pace of electrification and digitalization, geopolitical risks, and so on. In addition to promoting enhancement of the earnings capabilities of core businesses and growth of strategic businesses as upheld in the Mid-term Business Plan, we will continue to improve our capacity to adapt to change and achieve sustained growth by creating and delivering new value unbound by conventional frameworks, and drawing on our "spirit of challenge," part of our company's DNA.
We will meet stakeholders' expectations by developing and supplying products that satisfy customer needs, based on a market-centered approach, together with companywide initiatives that aim to strengthen corporate value through means such as contributing to social progress.
In all these ongoing efforts, we look forward to your continued guidance and support.

Jun Yamaguchi